New Commercial Super Computer Based on World’s Fastest Computer

New Commercial Super Computer Based on World’s Fastest Computer


Are you looking for a super-fast computer to replace your current machine? If you have a spare $640,000 you could certainly pick up a one-rack model of the Prime HPC FX10 from Fujitsu. The new supercomputer is adapted from technology developed by Fujitsu for the Supercomputer “K”, which is the fastest of its kind in the world. The commercial FX10 will be offered globally and can be scaled up to 1,204 rack configuration with a top theoretical processing power of 23.2 petaflops, which is certainly a lot faster than my 3GHz Core 2 Quad PC that I’m using to bring you this update. The system leverages Fujitsu’s TOFU technology, an interconnect that offers high memory, bandwidth and scalability with 10 links, each link offering performance levels of 5GBPS in both directions. The max configuration sold will actually feature a total of 98,304 CPUS and 6 petabytes of memory.

According to Fujitsu the FX10 is the perfect solution for companies and research institutions. Fujitsu imagines a variety of specialized purposes for its new business computer, including drug development, disaster prevention, and security.

The current sales goal set by Fujitsu highlights a plan to sell 50 supercomputers of the course of the next three years and will go on sale starting in January of 2012, keep in mind that they intend to sell more than one rack per computer when possible. With the starting price of $640,000 this seems like quite a costly investment but for the right companies it could certainly prove to be an important research and development tool.