New Capta Acessory Changing The Way Smartphones Stick

New Capta Acessory Changing The Way Smartphones Stick


These days there are hundreds of iPhone and Smartphone accessories out in the market. A good accessory stands out by either being unique or doing a better job than similar products. So what makes the camera tripod, Capta, any different than other tripods? First off, Capta isn’t just a tripod. Adwale Adlusi-Adeluyi and Bojan Smiljanic’s invention is designed to have multiple functions and the flexibility to stick with you even when you move to a new smartphone. The Capta can be a tripod, a stand, and even mounted in the car. The idea behind Capta is that you shouldn’t have to buy multiple different devices and accessories for multiple phones.

Many products claim to have multiple purposes but when it comes to implementation they fall apart after a few uses or the adhesive stops working. According to its designers, the Capta is made of solid aluminum that should be able to handle most knocks it will take. Additionally the phone attaches through a pad that uses a proprietary blend of polyurethane. In English, the pad should stick to any phone and won’t wear out easily allowing you to remove your phone or even trade up to a new phone easily without having to replace the Capta. To remove your phone you simply twist it off and it doesn’t leave any adhesive residue. In order to keep the pad sticking, you simply hold it under running water and it will become as good (and sticky) as the day you received it. We saw this similar technology used on the Wowee one.

For now the Capta is in the fund raising stage, and the creators are talking pledges from prospective customers on Kickstarter. A minimum pledge of $25 will get you a Capta of your own when they finally start production. Overall, Capta looks to potentially be an interesting accessory that could certainly reduce the amount of accessories we have to carry around for our smartphones.