Into The Warzone With Case-Mate Tank Case For iPhone 4/4S

Into The Warzone With Case-Mate Tank Case For iPhone 4/4S


Who said that the iPhone couldn’t be tough and rugged too? There are some rugged cases out there for the iPhone, but very few offer stellar screen protection. The Case-Mate Tank case for the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S changes that, letting you go all rough and rumble in the field.

The outward appearance of the Case-Mate Tank doesn’t look all that special with a thicker rubberized housing, but there’s a special protective and retractable screen cover to keep the display protected. They say that cracked screens make up 67% of damaged iPhones. I’m not sure if I like the aesthetic of the almost corrugated-looking retractable screen cover, but you can’t argue about its added utility.

In addition to its screen-cracking resistance, the Tank also meets or exceeds US DoD standards for sand, dust, shock, drop, wind, rain, and vibration. The textured polycarbonate exterior is said to be 2.5 times more impact resistant than the leading competitor. Bold claims, but the embedded video below helps back those claims. In any case, the Tank is available now for $60.