Big Fake Jailbreak Scam For iOS 5 Hits The Web

Big Fake Jailbreak Scam For iOS 5 Hits The Web


A huge iOS 5 Jailbreak scam went out early this morning hitting dozens of auto reposting news sites across multiple sources offering an “iOS 5 jailbreak” solution. Several hours after the news, many sites pulled it, but PRWeb and some others like the San Francisco Chronicle got duped by their reposting service and are listing the scam.

We have all been itching to jailbreak our iOS 5 devices, and to take our money and run is fraud, plain and simple. The guys at GhostApp blasted out a release about their iOS 5 jailbreak service for any iOS device: the iPhone 4S, iPad 1, and iPhone 4 too. They claim this will provide an untethered jailbreak to any iDevice except for the iPad 2. So in order to protect everyone out there, we shelled out the $25 that the UK company with a US owned domain wanted. They then gave us login details for us to access this so called jailbreak. So we logged in and to our surprise all the links to the iOS 5 jailbreak were inactive. It’s a good front, but not good enough.

The company claimed the untethered jailbreak is based on the i0n1c untethered exploit and it has been tested by’s MuscleNerd. The fake unlock sites we have identified are, and If you find others, please list them in the comments.

“ makes no express or implied warranties of any kind relating to the provision of information or service on or by this site ” is how one company tries to justify their actions.  We assume they are looking for quick press and then getting the jailbreak info up within the next few days or eventually when it’s released.  That’s at least what it looks like considering the other jailbreak solutions are just how to guides using third party software that really are other people’s work that they are charging for.