The Next Wave Of ePaper

The Next Wave Of ePaper


The next wave of ePaper may be losing some of that old fashioned appeal. Current ePaper readers such as the Kindle need light in order to be read, just like when you’re looking over an actual newspaper.  With an increasing amount of eReaders (tablets) boasting backlight displays, most of us like to keep eInk a bit more traditional; like having to read with the aid of other light.  Reading without backlighting is also easier on the eyes.

Flex Lighting has a technology that could change ePaper as we know it. They make a very thin layer that distributes light evenly from hidden LEDs over the devices’s surface. Light is aimed toward the screen, and battery draw is low as only one or two LEDs are used. This extremely thin, flexible technology allows this to be practical for almost any display.  Based on existing technology, this method is said to be better than current lighting based on the same technology.

There is no word on how this technology will actually turn out when implemented with next generation eReaders.While it sounds great in theory, it seems that no one outside of Flex Lighting has gotten their hands on any prototypes yet.