New PlugBug Charger Innovates Your MBP Charger

New PlugBug Charger Innovates Your MBP Charger


The PlugBug is a small adapter that attaches to your Apple notebooks power adapter and adds a USB charger capable of charging your iPhone or iPad. The add-on couples to your Apple charger, in place of the extension cord or plug adapter, allowing you to leave one of your chargers at home.

This sort of simultaneous charging is especially beneficial when you have two devices and only one power outlet, without any means of diverting the power to the second device. PlugBug users a 10 watt charging system, which essentially is in accordance with the charging protocols of iPad and other Apple mobile devices. Because PlugBug takes its power directly form the wall socket it charges much quicker than having the iPad plugged in your 5V USB port. The PlugBug Charger is currently available on sale with a price tag of $34.99.

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