iControlPad Accessory Upgraded With Universal-ish Clamp

iControlPad Accessory Upgraded With Universal-ish Clamp


We saw the original iControlPad earlier this year, giving mobile gamers the opportunity to play their games using a more conventional gaming controller. However, you needed to buy special sides to fit your specific model of cell phone. That didn’t make a lot of sense, since the iControlPad did things over Bluetooth anyhow.

Well, a slightly updated version of the iControlPad has now been revealed and while the core idea remains the same — real gaming controls on a touchscreen smartphone — there is one notable difference: the clamp. You don’t need to buy special “sides” to hold your smartphone in place, because there’s an adjustable metal clamp that should be fairly universal. I can’t say whether it stretches out far enough for something like a Dell Streak, but I imagine something as big as the EVO 4G should be just fine.

As a quick refresher, the iControlPad features a d-pad, two analog nubs, four face action buttons, start and select, and a pair of trigger buttons toward the back. It works with Android straight up, as well as jailbroken iDevices. It’ll also work with non-jailbroken iPhones if you do the iCade emulation thing. Check it out for $62.49, including the metal clamp.