Google’s GoMo Initiative Aims To Mobilize The Web

Google’s GoMo Initiative Aims To Mobilize The Web


Google thinks that there aren’t enough mobile-friendly websites, and many with smartphones may tend to agree, albeit for different reasons. More mobile sites potentially means more money for Google through mobile ad campaigns, and more mobile sites mean better accessibility to the web for smartphone users.

Those are the reasons why the folks at Google have launched their project GoMo is essentially a tech-related awareness campaign with profit potential, aiming to promote the building of mobile sites.

Visitors to the sleek, user-friendly GoMo site are informed about why Google thinks they need a mobile version of their website using quick blurbs and cute, quirky illustrations and informative graphs. Additionally, Google provides visitors with best practices information for their mobile site, current mobile trends, mobile projections and case studies of how mobile sites worked for others to show why a mobile site should be seen as a necessity. If a visitor isn’t convinced yet, they can use the “GoMoMeter” to see how their existing site looks on a smartphone and to learn how to make it better.

Once a visitor has been won over by GoMo’s message, visitors can use a search tool to find a web developer, agency or service that specializes in building mobile websites. Information is provided for services in a wide variety of price ranges and time frames for full service and do-it-yourself solutions.

As Google’s stats state, mobile searches have grown 4X since the last year and by 2013, more people will surf the web from phones than PCs. Now may really be the time for even more sites to Go Mo.