The Nearly Silent Eco Whisper Wind Turbine

The Nearly Silent Eco Whisper Wind Turbine


There’s some big green energy news from down under: the Eco Whisper Turbine is up and running. Renewable Energy Solutions Australia, or RESA, out of Brisbane recently unveiled the Eco Whisper, which is said to be the world’s quietest wind turbine. This energy solution is smaller than the traditional three-blade model; it is about half the size both in height and in blade diameter.

This smart turbine also adjusts automatically to position itself for optimal wind capture. Additionally, the near-silent design may produce over 30% more energy than other turbines. These quiet, eco-friendly turbines are expected to fulfill medium to high power needs in rural and urban areas alike. RESA envisions these turbines in a variety of locals including farms, airports, business parks and universities.

The Eco Whisper Turbine has a cowl / ring design. This design is not only visibly different than the large blades one normally associates with turbines, it is what makes it quieter and more economical. Instead of air rushing off the large blades of other turbines, more air filters through the 30 aluminum blades of the Eco Whisper. Other notable features of the Eco Whisper Turbine include the hinged steel pole, which allows the turbine to be lowered during severe weather or for maintenance. The Eco Whisper also has high visibility, which is an excellent innovation for the local avian population.