Motorola ACTV Android Sports Watch For Sporty Types

Motorola ACTV Android Sports Watch For Sporty Types


Your smartphone can be used to do so many different things, but it may not always be all that practical to be holding such a large slate in your hands. That’s why the Motorola ACTV might be so compelling; it’s an Android-based sports watch with some athletic secrets up its virtual sleeves.

Chris Hall from Pocket Lint has the opportunity to go hands on with the device and his impressions are generally positive. Yes, it looks pretty much just like the current iPod nano, but there’s more to this watch. For starters, the little lip on the back lets it slide into different straps. You can wear it as a watch, sure, but it can also slip onto your bike’s handlebars, for example.

Perhaps the niftiest trick is when you use one of the two optional headsets. These may look like regular earphones for you to enjoy your tunes while running down a trail, but these actually function as the heart rate monitors too! No more need for that messy chest strap. Considering that most folks listen to music while working out, this is a nice solution. It’s also ANT+ compatible, so you can use a range of ANT+ devices too.