Dell Streak Gets Pentagon Approval

Dell Streak Gets Pentagon Approval


The United States Defense Information Systems Agency, or DISA, has just approved the Dell Streak. Running the Android 2.2 OS, the Streak 5 has been officially certified by DISA. This secure mobile device will not be used to handle any top secret or classified information, but it will be used for certain secure communications like Facebook, twitter and forwarding chain letters to your DISA buddies.

Dell and Good Technologies have been working with the US Department of Defense for over a year to create a secure Android platform. The Streak that has been approved and they’ve included additional features to make the device even more secure. The additional security features of the DISA-approved Streak 5 include the ability to have data wiped from it remotely if one is ever lost or stolen and enhanced password protection. Every Streak 5 being issued also comes with additional “mobile security” with which we are not privy to.

This seems to be only the beginning for the DOD and similar mobile devices. As new Android devices come available, they should be able to be easily integrated for military and other Defense Department use now that the Streak 5 and its special OS has paved the way.

If you want to play spy and get your hands on your own Dell Streak 5, you better get over to eBay. Dell removed this pocket tablet from its US product line back in August of this year, and it is “unavailable” on Dell’s Canadian site too.