The PowerBIKE

The PowerBIKE


If you are into fitness and technology, you might be into the PowerBIKE. This new stationary bicycle by Power Plate is a re-envisioning of what an indoor stationary bike can be. The makers are cycling enthusiasts who wanted to infuse a standard, and maybe even boring piece of indoor fitness equipment with a bit of excitement and technological flair.

The tech that makes this bike different is a unique pedal and crank system that produces mechanical vibrations. The vibrations serve to create more muscle stimulation for the legs and glutes with every pedal stroke. While it is designed to help you burn more calories and build more muscle, a special stabilization system reduces joint pressure. The makers also say that their bike can improve circulation.

In an attempt to make indoor cycling more exciting, Power Plate claims the PowerBIKE moves like an outdoor road bike, doing things that normal stationary bikes and trainers just can’t do. This bike is designed to simulate, through adjustments in resistance and its vibration technology, all sorts of terrain conditions from mountain paths to cobblestone streets.

There is little additional information out on the PowerBIKE. It isn’t available for the general public yet, but at least one professional cycling team is known to be using the PowerBIKE for practice. Pricing is not available yet for this new stationary cycle, but if the cost of Power Plate’s other fitness products are any indication, expect to spend a few thousand dollars to take home your own PowerBIKE when it hits the market.