iPhone 4S Battery Problems: Location Based?

iPhone 4S Battery Problems: Location Based?


As an increasing number of people are buying the iPhone 4S, reports of battery life woes continue to mount. Users have noted that their new iPhone has a significant battery problem. The iPhone 4S has been losing power much more quickly than previous models. Many have been suggesting that location-based services are to blame.

Location services have always been a significant power consumer for every smartphone, including the iPhone. These services are also very tightly integrated with the functioning of the iPhone 4S, but according to many, these features should not be using up this much power so quickly.

While no official comment has been reported from Apple as of yet, The Guardian and other sources believe that the power problem is being caused by the “Setting Time Zone” feature. This element is responsible for automatically changing the time zone on the iPhone when the owner travels. While this particular feature is needed only occasionally, it appears to be on all the time only with the iPhone 4S.

This bug seems to have a very easy fix, however. Users have reported that simply turning this element off has dramatically improved battery life. By turning this feature off, the iPhone will no longer automatically update time zones during travel, but for day to day use, many users will find this to be a fair trade off for longer battery life.

To locate the “Setting Time Zone” feature: Settings -> Location Services -> System Services -> Setting Time Zone

Photo Credit: The Guardian