3D iPad Made Possible With A Metal Cylinder

3D iPad Made Possible With A Metal Cylinder


Using an optical illusion method called anamorphosis, a group of researchers from the University of Ochanomizu, in Japan are developing a new type of display that uses a whole new way of multi-touch capability of the iPad. Researchers have already created an anamorphic interactive system called Anamorphicons.

They noticed that anamorphosis can be used to project data onto a 3D object, by placing a 3D object on a 2D data, this is how they developed this interactive system. Unlike an ordinary mirror anamorphosis, in this system, you rotate a cylindrical mirror on the iPad so that objects reflected in the mirror also rotate. How does the system work? It is fairly simple. You must have two touch pens in the cylinder. The top surface of the cylinder is an aluminum plate so it can conduct electricity. The touch pens and the aluminum plate are connected by wiring inside, thus the Anamorphicons are shown on the iPad only when you are touching the plate; it is just as if you are touching the iPad with two fingers.

The coordinates of the two points on the bottom of the cylinder are obtained by an application specially made for the iPad. The coordinates of the cylinder and the rotation angle are obtained relative to them, and the content is provided accordingly.

This is very useful looking at objects in an online shopping catalog for example, because you can see the products in a 360 degrees, which is very helpful in buying clothes or other such products.