Android Coming To TV With Gesture Recognitions

Android Coming To TV With Gesture Recognitions


TVs are about to grow some brains. Hisense Group, a leading Chinese consumer electronics manufacturer signed a licensing agreement with eyeSight Mobile Technologies, a developer of touch free interfaces for digital devices. Together the two will integrate eyeSight’s innovative Hand Gesture Recognition Technology into new models of Android based Smart TV sets. Yep, Android is coming to the TV.

The first model of Hisense Smart TV with this unique feature is Series XT710, which has been introduced to consumer markets in China to mark the October 1st National holidays. Users will enjoy a natural, new intuitive way of interacting with their TV sets. They will be able to control basic TV functions, without having to move out of their comfortable viewing position to reach the remote control. Users will also be able to play games using intuitive gestures and touchless use other applications on the device.

But how does all this work, your all too human neurons might be asking you. Well, these smart TVs will use motion monitoring cameras to read a persons hand and body gestures and in turn control various functions. Hisense will be making use of eyeSights SDK on their new XT710 smart TV, which makes use of 2D cameras to monitor hand gestures and movements. It’s back to the future, folks!

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