Rewritable Reusable ePaper In The Making

Rewritable Reusable ePaper In The Making


ITRI, Taiwan’s largest and one of the world’s leading high-tech research and development institutions have introduced the I2R e-Paper. The first electronic paper ever proven to be re-writable, re-usable and environmentally friendly. This is the real deal – the “electronic paper” is the latest entry to the attempt to end our overwhelming use of traditional paper.

“It’s a fact that a significant portion of daily office printed papers will be discarded in days or weeks after use,” said Dr. Janglin Chen, general director of ITRI’s Display Technology Center. “i2R e-Paper’s re-cycle and re-use capabilities, positive effects on the environment and low cost of production are paving the way for mass acceptance of green e-paper technologies.”

This e-paper requires heat to transfer images and text to the surface and can be erased by inserting the e-paper into a thermal writing device (like your typical fax machine). I2R e-Paper’s special energy-conserving display technology is a flexible cholesteric liquid crystal panel that requires only heat to transmit images without using expensive inks. Because of its memory capabilities, the e-paper can be preset to display images at certain intervals – making it suitable for digital signage (TVs and billboards) that typically require more energy to maintain. It can also replace many printed paper products like event tickets, posters, flyers or promotional materials.

I2R e-paper is unlike e-readers and tablets, which require electricity for back lighting. This product does not require electricity to maintain the visuals much like the Kindle.

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