IRIS 9000: The HAL Controller Dock For iPhone 4S’ Siri

IRIS 9000: The HAL Controller Dock For iPhone 4S’ Siri


I don’t know how they make it happen, but the ThinkGeek crew has just given birth to another gadget-wonder for the world. I, for one, would like to welcome the new IRIS 9000 voice control module for Siri, which pretty much will assimilate.. er turn your trusty iPhone 4S into HAL 9000.

The name sounds familiar? Why? Because it’s taken from the famous science fiction saga 2001: A Space Odyssey by Arthur C. Clarke for you youngsters. The Iris 9000 is a voice control module that makes it possible for you to control Apple’s Siri voice assistant from your… couch.

All you have to do is place your iPhone 4S into the Iris 9000 cradle and tap the included micro remote control once to trigger Siri. Other goodie features include a built-in microphone that picks up your voice form up to 50 feet away and the embedded speaker to amplify Siri’s spoken response.

Even more cool stuff you can do with this little bundle of AI is making and receiving phone calls using Iris 9000 like a standard speakerphone. If you’re interested in Iris 9000 all you have to do is go register to ThinkGeek today. The accessory will go on sale in Spring 2012 for $59.99 if we haven’t been turned to borg by then.