Innovative iPad Apps Give Voice To Children With Autism

Innovative iPad Apps Give Voice To Children With Autism


The iPad is mostly perceived as just a toy. It’s something you use to play Angry Birds and update your Facebook status. However, there appears to be a very special place for it in the classroom, particularly when it comes to children with special needs.

There was a feature on 60 Minutes last night that focused on this very topic, talking with the folks from Apps for Children with Special Needs or A4CWSN for short. Basically, they have developed a series of special applications that “enhance their learning experience” and give voice to kids with communication and language difficulties. The children with autism who they thought had severely limited vocabulary actually know more words than they thought, as evidenced by their success with vocabulary-centric apps on the iPad.

Check out the highlight clip on CBS News. Related to that story, A4CWSN is a customer of Gumdrop cases. These ruggedized cases for tablets like the iPad help the devices withstand plenty of abuse, which can happen with the tantrums from the children. If you’re going to use tablets in the classroom, a tough case is almost a necessity.