Inhale Coffee With AeroShot’s Pure Energy Device

Inhale Coffee With AeroShot’s Pure Energy Device


Over the years I’ve become addicted to caffeine. I usually consume it in coffee form, you know, the liquid that you brew in a pot like normal people do. Sure, in the morning it can be troublesome and it inevitably leaving you with coffee breath, but you get to actually enjoy it. The AeroShot inhaler could be a much more convenient solution for some.

It comes from the same people that brought us the Le Whif chocolate inhaler, except they’ve swapped out the chocolate for a dose of caffeine. Each aerosol caffeine canister will deliver you about 100mg of caffeine from a shotgun shell looking device.   Equivalent to a medium coffee at Tim Horton’s,  or one third of a grande brewed coffee at Starbucks.

The AeroShot Pure Energy is a cylindrical device that easily fits in your pocket and it contains about six to eight “puffs” before you need to give it a refill. The canister delivers a fine powder with the 100mg of caffeine, along with some vitamin B. It all dissolves in your mouth almost instantly, leaving behind no aroma and giving you virtually zero calories.

This seems like an interesting idea, but I think I still prefer my coffee. If you’re more into puffing your caffeine, you can look to stores in Boston and New York where the AeroShot launches in January.  Perhaps its for people trying to quit coffee?