GridSearch Will Change The Way You Fast Forward Videos Forever

GridSearch Will Change The Way You Fast Forward Videos Forever


GridSearch demo’d their software @failcon today in San Francisco.  GridSearch is an HTML5 platform primarily targeted to your service provider that will enable you to easily skip and find specific scenes within a video by giving you a visual grid of scenes divided by 32 second intervals.

GridSearch is an intuitive, user-friendly search technology specifcally designed to help you navigate quickly and easily to an exact moment within a video file, whether it is stored locally or somewhere in the cloud.

Gone is the frustation of the x32 fast forward and the inevitable overshoot. GridSearch allows you to accurately scan through video content so quickly it makes searching on a smartphone, tablet or TV a delight not a nightmare.

The demo I received was on the iPad in the Safari browser.  This made for a clever way to zone in on that specific scene, quickly and easily by using quick taps and swipes.  It would start with 32 second segments, then narrowed down to 8 second, then it would go a frame back and begin from there.  Much better than the typical rewind, oh woops, fast forward, rewind again, fast forward.   This could be something awesome for YouTube to integrate, Tivo or any other provider offering PVRs.