Crayola Trace and Draw Allows Kids To Become Artists

Crayola Trace and Draw Allows Kids To Become Artists


Tablets are great for a number of reasons. You can easily browse the web, play feature rich games, listen to your favorite music and well, the uses are limitless. But when your kids start to borrow it to play kiddie games, you may hesitate. Your precious iPad 2 might fall victim to their just being a kid.

You can go the route of a LeapPAd or a VINCI Tab; or buy a kid-resistant tablet case for the iPad 2. Crayola Trace and Draw tablet aims to take on those opting for high-end gear protection. It not only keeps your iPad safe from children but it also makes the young ones view and use the tablet as if it is a drawing board or a coloring book.

The Trace and Draw allows kids to slide a piece of paper on top of their iPad’s screen to protect the device and at the same time, allows kids to play coloring games and draw through a free app. This case also has openings for headphone jacks and speakers and is made of polycarbonate plastic which makes it shatter-resistant. A durable static peel shield also helps the iPad screen to avoid getting fingerprints and smudges.

The tablet case comes with fifty sheets of pre-sized Trace and Draw paper aside from a black washable felt-tip marker. Thirty-five various animations and activities related to tracing, coloring and drawing are also included for free. You can grab the case at Griffin’s website for only $39.99.