Tablet Support Added to Sony Music Unlimited v1.2 for Android

Tablet Support Added to Sony Music Unlimited v1.2 for Android


Yes, the Apple iPad is still the dominating force in the world of tablets and iTunes is still the dominating force when it comes to music downloads, but Sony is quick to remind you that they’re in this game too. Going along with the Sony S Tablet is the roll out of Music Unlimited for Android v1.2. The key is that the new version adds support for tablet devices.

The Sony Music Unlimited service isn’t a music download service. Instead, it’s an online streaming service that lets you enjoy all the tunes you want via a monthly subscription, which ranges from $4 to $10. The new version offers a new user interface that is more optimized for the tablet screen size and form factor. It’s easy to make playlists, search for songs, and so on.

When you sign up for Sony Music Unlimited, the music streaming isn’t just for the tablet. The same login information can be used for your Android smartphone, PlayStation 3, or your home PC. The Sony S Tablet also does the PlayStation thing, helping to tie Sony’s various brands together into a single package. The Sony Music Unlimited v1.2.1 app for tablets is available now through Android Market and the reviews to date look abysmal.