iPhone 4S Screen Has Yellow Tinge?

iPhone 4S Screen Has Yellow Tinge?


The “let’s hate the new iPhone” boat seems to be getting bigger and bigger, as some have started commenting that screen on the 4S is not as “cool” as the one on the iPhone 4.

By comparison, we must agree they are right in this particular instance. The white on iPhone 4 looks bluish and bright, while on their 4S looks yellowish and dimmer.

The yellow-ish could be due to calibration of the 4S display being closer to that perfect color. For example, home cinemas professionally calibrated will use a color close to 6,500 Kelvin, making the videos look warm and slightly yellow to the naked eye. Additionally, if you have your photographs professionally printed, they will have the same hue.

Or maybe it’s all a mistake and Apple calibrated their screens wrong? We don’t know which of the two is correct, but we must say that the new hue isn’t all that bad as some are making it out to be.