Jotsy Document Annotator Unveiled At BlackBerry DevCon

Jotsy Document Annotator Unveiled At BlackBerry DevCon


Jotsy is a complete app built in HTML5.  It leverages a lot of offline capabilities by letting you take the information or documents with you whether you’re connected or not.  It even lets you annotate or jot on them, and allows you to access the files without constrains by any device.

UI elements within document processing apps are typically trying to take a desktop experience and stuff it in a tablet.  Jotsy is really trying to think about the real estate and how its used, rather than making a large toolbar you have a “bear paw” navigation that can be moved wherever the user wants, and easily minimizes when not in use.  This type of menu has been used in the past many times; think Neverwinter Nights and a couple D&D games.  We’ll see how Jotsy makes use of this type of UI without confusing the user.

Currently in technical trial with some customers, Jotsy expects to release with the next version of PlayBook OS on BBX.