Dog Poo Gets Vaporized With AshPoopie

Dog Poo Gets Vaporized With AshPoopie


Isn’t it disgusting to see dog poo left laying around the neighborhood? Aside from the fact that it doesn’t look nice, it’s also unhygienic. If you have a dog as a pet you’ll know how crappy it is to pick up their crap. This is a daily thing too, if you don’t clean up your pet’s mess you will end up facing some complaints and well, its just bad karma.

There are some recent efforts being made to the cleaning and disposal function of pet feces. Dog waste disposal bags have existed for years, and most tend to just sit in land fills. Other systems can turn poop into fertilizers, but a new machine is on the horizon. The Paulee CleanTech, an Israel-based company envisions a device which can incinerate that poop on the spot. They’re calling it AshPoopie, and the one-handed contraption aims to turn dog feces into a 100% sterile pile of ash right on the spot.

This product will resemble a one-handed, no bending pet waste scooper and will feature a retractable handle. Being portable with a built-in decomposition chamber, you’ll never have to pickup feces again. Chemicals inside the cartridge will turn the poop into sterile and odorless ashes within only a few seconds. What this chemical is, if it’s environmentally friendly, or has hazardous effects to humans is still unknown.

Regardless, the creators of AshPoopieAshPoopie are expecting to be vaporizing crap in the first quarter of 2012.