Track your kids, pets, and gadgets with PocketFinder GPS

Track your kids, pets, and gadgets with PocketFinder GPS


Oh no! Bruno the bulldog has broken free of the yard and disappeared into the neighborhood again. Oh, where is that teenage Suzy? She’s well past her curfew. These can become much less of a concern with the newly launched PocketFinder GPS Personal Locator and GPS Vehicle Locator devices from Location Based Technologies. And they work with iOS.

You can probably guess how this works. The PocketFinder GPS personal locator is a little dongle that can be attached to a variety of things, like your notebook or other gadgetry, as well as your pet dog, pet cat, or even your children. You can then track their location via GPS using the associated app for iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.

Similarly, the PocketFinder GPS Vehicle Locator can be attached to your car of choice, once again tracking the location through the iOS app. I’m sure teenagers on curfews are going to appreciate that. “We believe the PocketFinder family of products will fundamentally change the way people stay connected with their families, and locate their assets,” said Dave Morse, CEO of Location Based Technologies. “In today’s highly mobile society, the ability to instantly locate anything you care about is invaluable.”

Both the PocketFinder GPS Personal Locator ($149) and the Vehicle Locator ($189) are available now through the Apple online store with availability through physical stores later this month.