Jawbone Unveils Fitness Wristband That Tracks Your Every Move

Jawbone Unveils Fitness Wristband That Tracks Your Every Move


The company Jawbone, recognized for their awesome Bluetooth headsets that will work in those utterly noisy environments, wants to help you track your exercising routine and even push you to start moving more.

They have just announced the Jawbone UP – a fitness-style wristband that will work with an iOS app, by the looks of the advertisement. You can schedule reminders to get off the couch and do some dancing, or yoga, or jogging, or whatever makes you happy. In connection with the wristband, the app tracks your sleep time and you movements and even has a “challenge tab”, which will help you plan your weight loss.

Basically it will sense when you’re sitting at your computer or laying in bed rather than doing something about your weight. It’s like a nagging wife or husband, poking your sides and going “see, I knew you’d break your promise”, which will ultimately either work or make you bury the wristband at the back of your sock drawer and uninstall the app.

No pricing has been announced yet or any news about the corresponding app and if the information about what you are doing at every single moment is secure.