Live View GPS Tracker Can Track You for 6 Months

Live View GPS Tracker Can Track You for 6 Months


Live View GPS, a GPS tracker system company, has rolled out two new portable GPS tracking devices that will allow you to track everything from vehicles, parcels to people.

These devices are the LiveViewGPS PT-8100N and the PT-8500 CDMA GPS Trackers. The micro-sized Live View GPS PT-8100N measures only 2.75” x 1.6”, making it very helpful and useful in clandestine operations such as spying for other people or for the police. The battery can last from ten days up to six months depending on the configuration. Now, this is ideal to make your dreams of becoming a “detective” come true.

On the other hand, the PT-8500 CDMA GPS Tracker which is hailed as being one of the smallest GPS Trackers available, only measures 2.5” x 1” and weighs only about 0.8 ounce. This can be used for vehicles and equipment tracking. The prices of the devices are pegged at around $1,000 dollars.

LiveViewGPS Introduces Two New Portable GPS Tracking Devices

Valencia, CA – October 11, 2011 – LiveViewGPS, a leading GPS Tracker system company, has introduced two new portable GPS tracking devices ideal for covert tracking: the LiveViewGPS PT-8100N and the PT-8500 CDMA GPS Tracker.

At just 2.75″ by 1.6″, the micro-sized LiveViewGPS PT-8100N is the perfect device for stealthy operations. It can be used to protect valuable merchandise and equipment, as well as loved ones, including children and elderly persons. It has an impressive battery life of ten days up to six months depending on battery configuration.

The PT-8500 CDMA GPS Tracker is one of the smallest GPS trackers available today, measuring 2.5″ by 1″ and weighing only 0.8 ounces. This real-time vehicle and equipment tracking device operates in impaired environments with no clear view to the sky, including inside buildings, cargo containers, and even hidden under vehicles.

“We are extremely pleased with these new LiveViewGPS offerings. We have had customers already remark that they have paid for themselves in the very first day of use,” said Nick Amelsberg, a LiveViewGPS representative. “Both are extremely easy to use, with no software to download. They’re configured to work directly out of the box!”

LiveViewGPS provides a wide range of tracking features and alerts that can be set up to work with the GPS tracking devices. The PT-8100N can be configured directly from the LiveViewGPS web portal to automatically send an email and text message of every location generated by an “interval track,” and can also be configured to send an alert if the device enters a pre-set zone. The PT-8500 is equipped with a built-in electronic 3D accelerometer which is set to automatically transmit its location each time motion is detected.

Both the LiveViewGPS PT-8100N and the PT-8500 CDMA GPS Tracker work great for equipment and vehicle tracking, as well as for keeping an eye on family members such as children, teens, and elderly relatives.

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About LiveViewGPS:

LiveViewGPS, Inc. is located in Southern California and is a Location Based Service Company (LBS). They provide wireless location products and services for small and large businesses, law enforcement, and family safety, including GPS car tracking, fleet tracking, vehicle tracking and more.