Eco ATM Dispenses Cash to Recycle Your OId Phone

Eco ATM Dispenses Cash to Recycle Your OId Phone


Do you have a stockpile of old phones in some drawer at home? You’ve always wanted to sell them but no one buys those dinosaur-period devices. HP is having a tough time selling brand new phones as it is. So what is there left to do? Trading them for a few dollars usually requires you prepping it for shipping which often isn’t worth the price of the device itself.

Therefore, EcoATM is the answer to your problems. You can recycle your phone at an ATM-looking-machine that pays you for your trouble instantly. Ok, not instantly, because it takes about five minutes to process a phone, but a lot faster than your other option.

The company has installed machines in popular shopping malls all around the US making it easy for each of us to depart of our old devices. You simply put the phone inside the machine, and, with the aid of cameras it gets scanned and identified from the 4.000 possible phones in the database. Then there’s an electrical scanning that provides info about the internal components and the battery status. After agreeing with the price offered to you, the phones either get smelted if the damage is too big or sent to be refurbished.