Motorola’s Webtop Lapdock 100 should cost $100, but no

Motorola’s Webtop Lapdock 100 should cost $100, but no


Motorola’s Lapdock 100, what are we supposed to do with this one? As you may have guessed, it’s a laptop dock designed to work with every current -and future- Webtop-enabled smartphone. If you haven’t heard of Webtop before, it’s a proprietary Motorola “computer mode.” When a Motorola smartphone is connected to a TV or a lapdock, it turns into a mini Linux laptop that has a full desktop browser.

Well, this recent move by the company shows that Motorola has kept in mind the criticism it’s heard due to the whole issue of having only one lapdock for each phone (like the Atrix 4G), which costs nearly the price of a netbook on its own. So why have a heavily limited large screen netbook? Because it is smart. This can give you faster input for net/cloud based apps and tools. Great for professionals on the go, writers, travelers. One phone, one laptop. It’s not going to replace your notebook, but its a start.

The downside to the Lapdock 100 is that it’s slightly chubbier than the previous versions, although it now accommodates every phone design, so that’s the trade off. With a weight of 2.2 lbs it might be a little heavy for some, and at $249 it may be expensive for others. We’d love to see it at the $100 mark, but that’s a far out dream.