iTar is the Craziest Guitar Dock for iPad

iTar is the Craziest Guitar Dock for iPad


The electric guitar and iPad are two obviously separate distinct objects, but have you heard of a device which can turn your iPad into an electric guitar in just a few seconds?

If my memory serves me right, the GhostGuitar app was launched to turn the iPad 2 into an electric music device. But Starr Labs have made a bold move and took things one step further by transforming the iPad into a real guitar by using an app and a hardware Wii-type accessory. Enter the iTar.

Starr Labs made good use of its patented button fret board technology, all you have to do is dock the tablet in the iTar, start the app and rock the night away by playing your favorite songs on your cool Applefied electric guitar.

The label’s fret board technology has been widely used in instruments by several well-known artists such as Linkin Park, Chemical Brothers and Lou Reed. Actually, this will be the first time Starr Labs is going to develop a product consumers, but the lack of resources hinders the company from doing so.

If you want to have your very own iTar for your iPad, you can place your orders on the Kickstarter page and be ready to shell out $200 dollars for the sweet accessory.