Apple iCloud now open to the public

Apple iCloud now open to the public


What’s that? You thought you had to wait for iOS 5 before you could take yourself into the aluminium unibody in the cloud? Nope. Apple has officially launched iCloud sooner than expected, granting you access right now.

As a quick refresher, iCloud gives you a suite of web apps for checking email, managing contacts and calendars, viewing documents, and finding your iPhone. The cool thing is, because it’s in the cloud, everything you do is automatically synced across other iOS devices that you have attached to the same account.

You’ll need either iOS 5 or Mac OS X Lion in order to get set up with iCloud at the moment, so if you’ve got an older version of OS X, you’ll have to sit tight until you get iOS 5 (which should be very soon, if not already). If you have Lion though, go ahead and have at ‘er. We’re hearing that it might only be allowing MobileMe migrations right now and not brand new accounts, so your experience may vary. Let us know what you think of iCloud through the comments below.