Polycom HD video conferencing now available on tablets

Polycom HD video conferencing now available on tablets


Polycom is a company that provides one of the most widely employed video conferencing solutions and it has just acquired HP Halo. The company is launching the Polycom RealPresence Mobile, a high definition (HD) video software solution designed for tablets that will be available for Motorola XOOM, Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 and the iPad 2.

From screen shots, it appears that the video solution supports a number of video streams. It looks like it allows users to display content while talking with another person. RealPresence Mobile is integrated with the Polycom UC infrastructure so customers can extend video conferencing capabilities to tablets.

RealPresence Mobile lets users to take part in group video meetings via laptops, tablets or desktop, and has a user interface with system touch control for easier usage. It also has high video and voice quality, supports firewall traversal and VPN (virtual private network) and allows users to place video calls by touching a name on the iPad 2.

If interested, you can give them a shout at 1-800 POLYCOM to find out about pricing and where to get it.