Google Maps Clears The Double Name Clutter

Google Maps Clears The Double Name Clutter


When you used to search the names of different places in different countries using Google Maps, you may have gotten confused with all the double naming. English would appear next to the local transliterated name, but it was only referring to one spot. Now, you’ll notice that Google has expanded their coverage of translated labels.

Google’s single language label change will help make maps much easier to read. Take for instance, the label for Rome on the English maps used to show “Roma”. With the single language label, you can learn how the places are named locally, but the downside is you will also see twice as many labels on Google Maps creating clutter and sometimes confusion.

The team behind the Google maps thought that it will be useful to see the local names of the places so they kept the option available to users, but if you only want to see the local language labels, you can uncheck English in the maps menu. You can also do the same for other single languages Maps supports.

Currently, Google has single language Maps for five major languages namely Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Russian and English. The team hopes that this can make browsing, exploring and discovering the world easier and more fun for users.