Cards App for iPhone and iPod Touch Announced by Apple

Cards App for iPhone and iPod Touch Announced by Apple


The holiday season is fast approaching, and you might already be planning about the gifts and greetings cards that you will send out to your loved ones. Cards made from paper and cardboard are too common and can be boring, so what do you do?

Apple has something in store for you so there is no need to worry. On Tuesday, the company unveiled one of its newest apps, Cards during a media event. Cards is an official Apple product that lets you send greeting cards to your relatives and loved ones all around the world.

Cards app will allow you to send one letterpress printed, custom-made card on premium cotton paper for $2.99 in the United States and $4.99 overseas. The cards have the dimension of 4×6 inches and can be created with the use of 21 built-in Apple templates. You can also customize the card with your very own pictures from your phone’s image library and with a personal message. You will then send the recipient from your address book and Apple will do the rest.

Other themes are also available in the Cards app such as the Thank You card, greetings for major life events and cards for different holidays. One amazing feature of the card is that you can send a design to multiple recipients so you will not need to create many designs on your phone or iPod Touch.

Geolocation data from you iPhone will also be used to enter locations automatically when sending travel-themed cards. The app is not out yet, but we’ll expect an announcement soon.

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