Thanko Slim Spycam Watch Does 720p HD Video

Thanko Slim Spycam Watch Does 720p HD Video


If there is anything weird or peculiar about Thanko’s watch missing the number 12 on its face, there’s a good reason for it. They have replaced it with a secret spy camera, making this a 720p DVR watch dubbed the Thanko Slim.

The Thanko Slim can shoot video in 720p high-definition video quality, an amazing feature considering the size of the camera. On top of that, it can take snapshots with a maximum resolution of 1600 x 1200.

4 GB of built-in is included and you can even store your favorite songs and listen to them using headphones which you can plug on the watch’s 3.5mm audio jack.

You can grab one from Thanko’s website for ¥7,980 ($104), but we are not yet sure if they do shipments outside Japan.

[Ubergizmo via Impress]