Should you wait for the iPhone 5 or just get the iPhone...

Should you wait for the iPhone 5 or just get the iPhone 4S now?


Everyone wanted a brand spanking new Apple iPhone 5 at yesterday’s event, but we only got stuck with a measly iPhone 4S. So, the question arises whether you should just snatch up this incrementally updated smartphone or if you should keep playing that waiting game for a real iPhone 5.

Well, it depends on your situation. Wilson Rothman has a decent guide put together on Gadget Box that breaks it down. For example, he’s saying that current iPhone 4 owners can probably skip this update. Yes, you can’t have Siri on your iPhone 4 and you’ll need to make do with a 5MP camera and A4 processor, but the 4S really isn’t that much better than the 4. It’s worth waiting for a true iPhone 5 if you really want the upgrade.

On the other hand, current owners of the iPhone 3G and 3GS could probably stand to get the upgrade. You get a “new” form factor and plenty of more horsepower than what you currently have. Similarly, Sprint customers would probably like the 4S, since they haven’t had an iPhone before. It’s also no saying that WiMAX will be supported in the next iPhone anyhow.

The camp where I belong is that of the Android smartphone and superphone. I only have a Samsung Galaxy S, but especially people with an Atrix, SGSII, or something similar, they probably wouldn’t want the iPhone 4S quite as much. You could make the jump from Android to iOS, but spec for spec, the current crop of dual core-touting Android superphones are on par or better than the 4S.

But that’s just a general idea. What about you? Are you getting the iPhone 4S or are you waiting for the iPhone 5? Maybe you’re waiting to see the Nexus Prime instead?