Quirky Ray solar charger boasts suction cup and kickstand

Quirky Ray solar charger boasts suction cup and kickstand


Keeping all your various portable gadgets charged on the go can be quite the challenge, especially when you can’t be tethered to a wall for hours at a time. So, the Quirky community has come up with a product called the Ray and this solar powered charger looks to be pretty useful.

The Ray Solar Charger certainly isn’t the first solar charger on the market, but that doesn’t mean it’s any less useful. If you have a window, you can stick the Ray to it using hte silicone suction cup. Sitting at a desk? Use the tilting kickstand and charge up that way. All you need is some sun.

Power comes out through the USB port and the internal battery can store enough energy for a full phone charge. I can’t seem to find the mAh rating, so take that how you will. The original idea for Ray came by way of Mifflinburg, Pennsylvania’s Brandon Craven. It was then tweaked by 988 “influencers” on Quirky.

In any case, you can hit up the presale now for $39.99. As I write this, they’ve hit 524 of the 2000 required commitments.