RainBallet waterproof case protects your iPhone from getting soaked

RainBallet waterproof case protects your iPhone from getting soaked


You may have been caught off-guard by the rain at some point in your life. Maybe even pissed when you suddenly realized that your beloved iPhone 4 was in one of your wet pockets, and you may have felt like collapsing right there on the spot and then screaming a primal cry that sends birds scattering out of trees and animals stampeding through the forest. Or maybe that was just me.

If you’ve been through this too, you might benefit from slipping your slick smartphone inside a RainBallet cell phone case, a new product designed to keep your phone safe and dry no matter how heavy the rain is. RainBallet waterproof case is considered to be highly shock resistant and waterproof. The shock resistant feature is important because the phone would be very slippery after it has been soaked with water, thus, there is a great probability that you might drop it.

The makers of this cell phone case claim that RainBallet can withstand a 1.2 meter fall without getting any scratch and it can also be submerged in water with a depth of one meter for thirty minutes before the water can seep into the case. Of course, this does not mean that you should go swimming with your cell phone because you might regret it in the end.

Another great feature about the RainBallet waterproof case it that it still allows you to use your music player and camera the same way before, and you can now use your camera to capture some underwater images (without going deeper than a meter, of course)! Wish I had this before I went for that jog under a seemingly clear sky, only to be pummeled by rain 15 minutes later. Sigh.