Social media being used to rob your home

Social media being used to rob your home


You may enjoy posting your exact location at any given moment, sharing them with friends, family, and the cloud.  What you are doing, where you live or where you work, among others, but one thing you should keep in mind is that this could be seen by everyone, including the people who may be plotting to rob your entire home.

Recent studies show that most burglars these days are depending on social media to find their next targets. In particular, Foursquare, Twitter, Facebook and Google Street View are the most preferred tools by thieves in carrying out their modus.

Some of the former thieves said that an average break-in just takes around ten minutes to accomplish, and only two minutes to enter a household which has no visible security. So if you are planning to brag about your two weeks out-of-town getaway to the Bahamas or to the Caribbean on social networking sites, think again.

To keep yourself and your house from being targeted by these burglars, make sure that your privacy settings are not out there for public consumption.