Wear the iNecklace with Class

Wear the iNecklace with Class


If you are the type of person who loves fashion jewelry and technology at the same time, you will definitely be pleased with the news that an adorable piece of techy jewelry is already rolled out in the market! Of course, it’s not like wearing your cellphone or your tablet as earrings or bracelets—that is way too obvious. Some experts say that there are more subtle ways to show off your devices.

One of these ways is wearing the iNecklace made by Adafruit. This new item is a necklace which has a pendant bearing the design of the standard symbol for power used on most of the gadgets at present. You will also be delighted to learn that the pendant contains a subtle pulsating LED which is identical to the “breathing” LED of Mac, MacBook and many more. Now, that is something that might interest you.

This is made from six series aluminum and the battery, which can last up to 72 hours, can be easily accessed by using a coin. The iNecklace has an 18” long chain and it is created from 1.6mm diamond-cut sterling silver which has been treated to prevent tarnishing on the magnificent piece.

A circuit board controls the pulsating LED, and another great feature of this is the fact that you can make your own pulse if you are not satisfied with the default pulse! Just visit GitHub and voila! New customized pulse! This accessory is available for $75.