G-Form launches gear with Reactive Protection Technology in basic black

G-Form launches gear with Reactive Protection Technology in basic black


G-Form, the company known for its bright yellow lightweight products that stiffen on impact and provide optimum support for any body part, just announced that it will be releasing its first line of impact-absorbing athletic protection in a more discreet color: black.

Although the company’s customers loved the revolutionary look of the yellow exoskeleton G-Form clothing, they still received a number of requests to make the product more subdued in terms of color. The black knee, elbow and shin pads will now cater to new markets such as the military and law enforcement.

G-Form RPT (Reactive Protection Technology) is a combination of PORON XRD material and the company’s technology that can absorb more than 90 per cent of the energy from impact and uses that energy to transform the soft pad into a stiff protection gear. The G-Form knee and elbow pads move with the joint creating a dynamic fit, until impact, when they stiffen to absorb the energy. The pads go back to their flexible state immediately after impact.

With G-Form’s RPT, athletes will never suffer from a dilemma between choosing protection or performance when it comes to sports pads. RPT pads can be worn over or under clothing and have self wicking properties.

According to Thom Cafaro, Vice President of Innovations at G-Form, “Consumers have been amazed at the level of impact protection that our RPT provides without the bulk and restrictions in range of motion that are the hallmark of traditional protective clothing.”

The RPT products are now available for $49.95, in yellow and black pieces. These can be purchased online from G-Form’s website and are widely distributed by US and international retailers.