WP7.5 Mango comes with tethering, multitasking, scouting

WP7.5 Mango comes with tethering, multitasking, scouting


So, now that Windows Phone 7.5 Mango is finally rolling out, what can you expect in terms of updates and upgrades? We already know that Mango comes with over 500 changes and additions, but what are some of the main highlights? How about some Wi-Fi tethering?

This is a feature that has almost become a fundamental mainstay in terms of smartphones, but WP7 didn’t let you turn your 3G/4G cellular connection into a Wi-Fi hotspot for neighboring devices. Mango does. Whether your carrier lets you do that (among other considerations) isn’t quite as clear, but at least the OS supports that feature now.

Another big one is multitasking. It’s still not true multitasking in the conventional sense, but Mango does let you do some multitasking “beyond the core functions of the OS.” You also get something called Local Scout, which is a tool in Maps that looks for nearby places to eat, see, and do. Visual Search works similarly to Google Goggles, and the Messaging utility lets you maintain one conversation with someone across multiple protocols. Start with SMS, continue on FB, and finish up on IM, all within a single convo thread.

Have you sunk your teeth into WP7.5 Mango yet? What do you think so far?