Windows Phone gets Pulse News Reader app this week

Windows Phone gets Pulse News Reader app this week


While I do most of my RSS management through Google Reader, the mobile interface isn’t the prettiest thing in the world. That’s why the Pulse reader is so appealing with its pretty tiled layout. And this week, the Windows Phone 7 folks will be able to join their Android and iOS brethren in enjoying this mobile app.

It’s practically the perfect fit. The Metro UI in Windows Phone is already geared toward having those live tiles on the home screen and the UI in Pulse has a similar kind of idea with its graphics-heavy interface. Each feed is shown as a horizontal row, allowing you to swipe side to side to see more stories. Additional feeds can be accessed by swiping up and down. All the integrated sharing stuff is great for social folks too.

I wouldn’t use Pulse to replace Google Reader, since Pulse is capped at 20 RSS feeds at a time, but it’s a great way to consume your news and entertainment (like reading Mobile Magazine!) while on the go. Look for the WP7 version of Pulse to hit the digital marketplace later this week. [Pulse]