Google says mobile optimized sites will allow better performance in AdWords

Google says mobile optimized sites will allow better performance in AdWords


Google announced that it is now possible for websites that are optimized for mobile to increase their ad quality. Google explained that they began to limit ad serving on cell phones last year on pages that contained Flash-heavy content in the name of better browsing quality. The loading times of flash-heavy pages can consume a great amount of data, so the quality of the page may not be the same as to when a user accesses that page using a computer.

Maybe Google has finally realized that the browsing experience would be more exciting if we could access some of those special pages that rely heavily on Flash. So they have considered the websites’ mobile optimization as an addition to raise the quality for AdWords campaigns that drive mobile traffic.

This big step will result in better performance of mobile optimized pages in AdWords and will also help the websites garner more readers or visitors in their sites. The basic guidelines concerning landing page quality still remains applicable across desktop and mobile devices but this new feature will only cover AdWords on mobile gadgets.

Simple layout, mobile features, touch features, site navigability, content prioritization, landing page load time and minimal flash used to be the only factors considered by Good on terms of page quality on mobile devices.
Since poor mobile web experience can influence a consumer’s opinion in a negative way, companies are doing everything they can to improve their websites. In a recent survey, more than sixty percent of users who had some problems accessing websites on their phones rarely visited again.

Of course, some skeptics think that Google will never release something that will not benefit it, and they may be right. The company promotes its own mobile site creator to the site owners and publishers who are planning to create simple websites for mobile phones. Since the holidays are fast approaching, more and more users will be relying on their smartphones to find items and purchase them, so online business owners might want to have their sites suitable for Google’s page guidelines.