Logitech Harmony Link Transforms Androids into Universal Remote

Logitech Harmony Link Transforms Androids into Universal Remote


When we talk about universal remote controls, one of the most popular brands that comes to mind is Logitech.

The Harmony Link needs a Wi-Fi network and a free link app for Logitech Harmony before you can actually use it. Good news: if you installed the Harmony Link on an iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad or other Android-based gadgets, you will be able to use the item as a remote control for up to eight home-entertainment appliances. You can save some amount because of this item!

Logitech reveals several ways to transform your smartphone into a universal remote control like the VooMote One IR Sleeve or the L5 Remote IR Dongle. According to the company, you need to utilize the Wi-Fi network at home and that you must always turn on your smartphone’s Wi-Fi to be able to use it.

The harmony Link App possesses an activity-based interface that can be used by tapping or swiping in order to control the television even without looking at the remote. The app for iPad provides the user with personalized TV listings from Rovi and also program guides to make browsing easier. An IR mini-blaster accessory is also included in the Harmony Link to let users manipulate devices which are inside enclosed cabinets.

This new addition to the Logitech line of accessories can work with Android 2.x Wi-Fi eabled or iOS 4.0-based gadgets. You can now place your orders for the device which is pegged at US $99.99 and will be rolled out in October.