Lo and Behold the Health Tracker Watch!

Lo and Behold the Health Tracker Watch!


More and more people are becoming health and figure conscious nowadays, and most of the time, they experience some difficulties along the way when it comes to losing weight, eating healthy and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Tons and tons of health products flood the market today, making too-good-to-be true claims that usually leave customers disappointed.

A new product will be rolled out in the market at the latter part of this year—the B1 Basis Band which is pegged at around $199. This is a device which tracks the heart and health and is comprised of various sensors which can measure a person’s heart rate non-stop. The device also features other important indicators such as sleep patterns, calorie intake and other metrics of health.

The Basis Band also has a touch pin interface which will allow the user to navigate easily through the menu system. The pin can also serve as a watch to tell you the correct time and date.

The health tracker watch gathers information about the different aspects of your body’s activities and all these can be encoded and tabulated on a web-based dashboard. This lets you monitor your own sleep, diet, calories, heart rate and others.

Makers of the device also take pride in its game-like features to make your experience interesting and lively. Notifications and suggestions are also offered by the Basis Band to make your goals more realistic and achievable.

If you have any friends or family members who want to keep track of their health, this would be an ideal present.