Use your iPhone to drive this R/C car up the wall (literally)

Use your iPhone to drive this R/C car up the wall (literally)


Remote control cars are a lot of fun, but it’s not as fun being restricted solely to the horizontal plane. It’s also not as fun being restricted to conventional controls. Addressing both of these is the unique iW500 R/C car that gets controlled by any iOS device. And it drives up the wall. Literally.

The car itself doesn’t look terribly interesting, but it can actually attach itself to a vertical surface like your wall, the side of a building, or wherever else your imagination may lead you. It stays stuck via a sealed vacuum. This vacuum is so powerful that the car can even drive upside-down on your ceiling.

The controls are done via your iPhone or whatever other iOS device you have. Simply connect the transmitter (which uses the standard iDevice dock connector) and steer using the accelerometer. There are touchscreen controls too, if you prefer, via the dedicated iSpace app. The $59.99 toy will be joined by other iRC iVehicles, including helicopters and monster trucks.