Uber geek watch has dip switches

Uber geek watch has dip switches


Timex? Tissot? Esquire? Sure, these are perfectly fine brands for wristwatches, but none of them are particularly geeky. For that, you may want to turn to the people at Click who recently announced a couple of new watches bearing a circuit board-inspired design.

The two watches are more or less the same, except one has a series of dip switches and other has a single turn switch, hence their respective names. Beneath that is a circuit board-inspired design, along with what looks like computer cabling/ribbon for the wristband. Even the packaging comes in a circuit board-based design.

The display can be set to show the time in a regular digital fashion, but there are alternative modes too, like the one where hours, 10x minutes, and 1x minutes are displayed in three different rows. I never got the appeal of making the process to tell time more difficult than it needs to be, but I guess that’s part of the whole geek chic thing. They retail for $150 to $170 each.