Special NTT DoCoMo smartphone jackets measure radiation and more

Special NTT DoCoMo smartphone jackets measure radiation and more


It’s not really enough for a cell phone case to simply protect a cell phone anymore. We’ve seen cases that turn iPod touch units into smartphones and cases that extend battery life. Now, NTT DoCoMo is unveiling three new cases that offer several unique functions. The first of these is meant to measure radiation, for example, giving you a head’s up if your head is taking in a few too many gamma rays.

The second can be used to measure body fat and muscle bulk. I’m not entirely sure how it does that, but it certainly shows that cell phone jackets can do more than just protect the phone. There’s also another one that can be used to measure the alcohol content, preventing you from getting behind the wheel if you’re a little tipsy. It can even measure bad breath!

Another app allows you to take a photo of your food and it will automatically calculate the approximate calorie count for that dish. There’s some interesting algorithm stuff going on in there. Similarly, there’s one to check your hunger level based on your breath, analyzing your fat burning. Presumably, all of these different sensors would work in tandem with an appropriate smartphone application. They’re not ready “any time soon,” but they do show some intriguing promise.